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Big Hat ~ Lots of Cattle : Cow Fund

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My life is considerably different than I could have ever imagined. In 2010 I was living in a city I hated (Las Vegas) surrounded by a depressed, dirty community and was a broke, depressed, alcoholic smoker. It disgusts me to think about and repulses me to type out.

It may be cliche, but having children certainly does change you. Although I was rapidly changing years before our daughter Alexandria Hayes was born in 2014, her birth was the shock though my behavior system that I needed. The alcoholism in this family ends with me. The bad decisions end with me.

I quit smoking on October 4th 2013. Quit drinking on June 4th 2015. We have a funded SEP, IRA, 529 and a FRICKING COW FUND. That right, I have a special savings account for cows.

Clean air, clean living and cows.

It does get better. Big time.



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