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Acorns - Invest Your Change

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I am loving the Acorns iPhone App for investing my change from transactions. Dustin and I are investing in the aggressive portfolio as we are 30+ years away from retirement.All of those rounded up dollars really do add up. Earn a free $5 by signing up with this link : Acorns Grow While my first go to for retirement would be a Roth IRA with Vanguard, if you are set to max out your IRA in the tax year, Acorns is a great way to save more with no effort. Viva!  

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You Better Shop Around

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In April of 2014, I owned a considerable amount of Tandy Leather (TLF) shares at $9.63 a share. This holding had served me well since purchasing them in 2012 at a little over $5 a share. However, something happened at Tandy Leather around April of 2014. I started noticing considerable price hikes on items that I had been purchasing for many years. After ruffling through receipts, it became clear that many items had gone up by as much as 50%. Example: 2” Cowhide Strip x 72” - $20 (2006) - $21.99 (early 2014) to $31.99 each (4/23/16) Gross. That was...

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