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Growing White and Pink Dogwood Trees From Seed

dogwood dogwood from seed dogwood trees growing dogwood from seed pink dogwood planting dogwood texas dogwood Texas Living white dogwood

My husband, Dustin, and I are growing Dogwood trees from seed. Quite honestly, I am surprised that any even sprouted. From a few simple internet searches, most said that they were horribly difficult to grow. Such is not the case. I soaked 10 total seeds (5 pink dogwood seed and 5 white) for 5 days in a bottle of water. I did not remove the outer layer of skin and just planted the soaked seeds. Of the 10 seeds planted, 7 have sprouted. Our intentions were to grow two trees, one for each of our babies. It looks like we...

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Melting Cows ala Salvador Dali

Brahman cattle costa rica cows fucked up cows salvador dali Texas Living

Brahman cattle look like they are melting. I first noticed this in Costa Rica but I have recently discovered that my neighbor owns a few of this breed. Its like Salvador Dali painted some f***ed up cows. That is all.  

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Big Hat ~ Lots of Cattle : Cow Fund

alcoholism Family finance grateful gratitude investing Investing & Finance las vegas quitting smoking saving Texas Living

My life is considerably different than I could have ever imagined. In 2010 I was living in a city I hated (Las Vegas) surrounded by a depressed, dirty community and was a broke, depressed, alcoholic smoker. It disgusts me to think about and repulses me to type out. It may be cliche, but having children certainly does change you. Although I was rapidly changing years before our daughter Alexandria Hayes was born in 2014, her birth was the shock though my behavior system that I needed. The alcoholism in this family ends with me. The bad decisions end with me....

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